DR & Automation

An INTEL Capital PORTFOLIO COMPANY, Perpetuuiti is a global enterprise software company focused on building Software products that address IT Service Continuity and Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation challenges for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments.....


Increase your efficiency and reduce operating costs with a solid foundation for your infrastructure. We can help you with standardization, e.g. for desktops, consolidating resources, rationalizing operating processes, limiting manual access and introducing a uniform administration and security concept. We'd be happy to support you in planning and initializing or optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.

Our Services.

We'd be happy to support you in planning and initializing or optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.

client and Server Networks

In the hardware we prefer to well-known manufacturers such as HP or Cisco . These are characterized by proven technology , excellent reliability , enhanced security for your data and support and warranty services . To ensure communication between the individual components in a network , we configure the required network services for them.

desktop and server platform

Increase your company's productivity with Windows,Office and Windows Server. We'd be happy to help you migrate your current operating system, whether that's Windows Vista, 7 or Windows Server 2008.


We offer Microsoft solutions for all relevant areas of virtualization.In the case of presentation virtualization with Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services, the application runs at a central location. Lower your operating and administration costs through server virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V and leverage your hardware efficiency. Increase the availability of virtual machines (VMs) with the help of a failover cluster configuration.


Using Microsoft Exchange 2013, we can help you increase your company's productivity and at the same time lower the costs of provision, administration and compliance.

System Management

Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your IT services with System Center administrative solutions. Use the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012 R2 as a comprehensive administrative solution for your virtual computer center. Create templates and save them in a central database. Migrate your physical systems to virtual systems (P2V) without interrupting the physical server. Enhance your server performance and optimize your resources dynamically.

volume Licensing

Which Microsoft Volume Licensing program is right for them and use them already have all the advantages ? We are happy to advise you on the licensing of all Microsoft products and optimize their license agreements.

Consultants Network

Increase your efficiency and reduce your operation costs with a solid IT infrastructure. We are happy to support you in planning and delivering or optimizing your existing environment.

Our Services.

We'd be happy to support you in planning and initializing or optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.

Mac support

We advise you on the appropriate hardware and software. And of course in the development and expansion of your network, your Mac clients and Mac servers. On request we take care of the configuration of the software (e.g. Outlook for Mac). Also running Windows on the Mac is not a problem for us.

Mobile Device management

With MDM you can easily manage your iPhones and iPads without much effort. Without connecting the devices to a computer, you can apply password policies, configure mail, calendar, VPN access, wireless networks or deny access to e.g. Camera. If your device got stolen or got lost: With MDM you can delete all the content on the device by internet. So you can make sure that no data falls into wrong hands.

Cisco pursues its portfolio recognition for all end-to-end (B2B) network solutions.For preparing, planning, testing & commisioning these solutions, Cisco designated experts are required. Inorder to perform these tasks in the best possible manner, we have bundled the relevant competencies in different expert teams. With this team we can offer you for all Cisco architectures and products appropriate experts for the planning and implementation of adequate solutions.

Advantages over other vendors (Zyxell, Fritzbox etc)

  • Next generation fw having advanced threat protection & breach detection (IPS Modules)
  • Stateful firewall throughput 250 Mbps
  • Routing capabilities with Cisco proprietary protocols
  • Cisco reliability 99.9% uptime
  • Cisco CLI based configuration
  • Remote access (SSL, IPSec, L2TP) setup for multiple OS (OSX, WIN, Linux)
  • 24x7 TAC support

Internet Pricing
1. Cisco ASA 5506-X (Base) CHF 594
2. Cisco ASA 5506-X (Firepower) CHF 926

Our Services: Pricing

We'd be happy to support you in planning and initializing or optimizing your existing IT infrastructure.


Hosted services (Outsourced IT), Hosting services (Private cloud, web etc)

Borderless Networks

Cisco Borderless Networks is the brand name for a set of hardware and software technologies which allow "anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device" to connect to an organization's network (BYOD).

Cisco Collaboration

UCS (voice,data, video & mobile apps), Conferencing


VPN & Firewalling

Cisco ASA 5506-X series FW

Base Configuration pricing (1 x Cisco ASA 5506) CHF 250 includes:

  • LAN/WAN Subnets
  • Security levels
  • Access control lists
  • Default routing
  • IPSec VPN (Client/Site - to - Site)
  • NAT Rules (DMZ: Webserver, Cloud Server)
  • Management access restrictions

For additional Cisco ASA 5506 configuration, CHF 150

    Embedded knowledge refers to the knowledge that is locked in processes, products, culture, routines, artifacts, or structures. Knowledge is embedded either formally, such as through a management initiative to formalize a certain beneficial routine, or informally as the organization uses and applies the other two knowledge types.
    Know-how, understanding, experience, insight, intuition and contextualised information.
Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Increase productivity with paperless approval and payment processing.

Accelerate AP and AR processing

Enable more timely payments and lower collection costs.
  • Scan and capture information from multiple invoices at once.
  • Automatically route invoices to multiple employees for review, approval and check processing.
  • Audit activity throughout the A/P process to maximize productivity.
  • Securely store invoices and related financial documentation for easy retrieval.